About Me

Hey! I'm Alyssa! Welcome!! So happy you're here!

First and foremost I am a mama to two of the coolest humans on the planet. Secondly, I am a portrait, wedding and elopement photographer that specializes is telling your story through my lens.

My love for photography started at a very young age. I remember always having a camera in my hand. Yes, I was THAT person! After many, many years, a lot of life changes and soul searching, I saved up and bought my first camera. From that moment on, I knew... This is what I was it for me. This is what my soul was meant to be doing.

Photography and what it represents hold a truly special place in my heart. Getting the chance to relive moments, for years to come, that is something truly magical. I know for myself, if it wasn't for photos, I would easily forget so many memories and the way these memories made me feel. That is why for me, it is so important for you to feel something when you see my images. To bring them life.

The name "The Sun and Flame" came from my love for those two things. The Sun. Which makes me feel so alive. I feel revived and energized by the sun. Give me sunny days, sunrises and sunsets everyday. I love the Sun, and you will notice it a lot in my photos. The Flame came for my love of fire. To me it is so beautiful, mesmerizing and yet, very powerful. I can always catch myself staring and getting lost in it. Both bring life and energy to myself and the world, and I want to bring the same energy to my clients.

I really look forward to chatting with you and bringing your ideas to life.

Alyssa xoxo